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We are a family operated business with over a half century of expertise. Started by our grandfather in 1945, then incorporated by our parents in 1969. For more than 70 years, A to Z Portion Control Meats, Inc. has been a leader in the foodservice industry, providing high quality products to our customers. Today we are a women owned, Ohio Proud, SQF, HACCP Certified Business known for excellent portion controlled, high quality products, superior customer service while operating in a state-of-the-art processing facility.

Proudly, we combine quality products with competitive pricing and strong attention to detail, making our product easy to sell to distributors, retail establishments and restaurants nationwide.


With an unyielding commitment to quality control, A to Z provides a broad line of quality products to meet the needs of each customer.  Products are available under A to Z Brand or your own private label. We also custom formulate recipes for our customers. Our product line includes frozen steaks and chops, frozen ground beef/hamburger products, specialty flavored beef patties, as well as breaded pork, beef and chicken items. Each portion ensuring uniformity and ease in preparation.

To bring the highest quality to the table, we continually reinvest in the latest technology and methods.  The Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) process locks in freshness and provides impressive performance, efficient inventory management and ease of handling.

Our SQF Program ensures our product is tested and approved by our quality assurance team members prior to sale. Critical points of quality and adherence to specifications are monitored and documented throughout our SQF Process. Each lot is traceable, and Our Food Defense Program protects our product from intentional contamination or adulteration by biological, chemical, physical, or radiological agents for causing harm.  Voluntary annual external audits through an independent accreditation body, give us high scores equal to those of industry leaders.

Equally exceptional, is our customer service.  We pride ourselves in the ability and willingness to work with smaller production runs, therefore allowing our customers to buy smaller quantities and purchase more often. This allows the product on the shelf to be fresher than most. This also allows our customers to avoid waste as well as cut costs.  Our Corporate Chef and his team provide training both at our facility and at customer locations. We take pleasure in assisting our distributor’s sales representatives with marketing our products and meeting their customer's unique needs.

ground beef on wooden board
grilled chicken patty topped with two lemon wedges on a bed of lettuce


     Not only must A to Z meet the demanding standards of the SQF Programs, but licensed SQF Certification Bodies must also follow rigorous policy requirements, including attaining International Accreditation.

Every SQF assessment is reviewed by the Certification Body’s Review Panel, which issues SQF Certificates to suppliers and manufacturers who successfully complete their assessments. SQF Certificates provide a verifiable paper trail ensuring that the supplier has the processes in place and has implemented all applicable SQF guidelines for effectively managing food safety.

HACCP Certification is an International Standard defining the requirements for effective control of food safety. It is built around seven principles:

  • Conduct Hazard Analysis of biological, chemical or physical food hazards 
  • Determine critical control points
  • Establish critical control limits, for example, minimum cooking time and temperature 
  • Establish a system to monitor control of critical control points
  • Establish corrective actions
  • Establish procedure for verification to confirm that the HACCP system is working effectively
  • Establish documentation and record keeping

       HACCP and SQF Certifications instantly demonstrate to customers, A to Z’s commitment to producing or trading in safe food. This evidence-based approach is particularly beneficial to customers. They will know that A to Z is always subject to exacting standards and inspection by regulatory authorities.


We believe our vendors should subscribe to the same corporate responsibility and sustainability principles we follow. This is particularly true with respect to food safety programs. We require our potential vendors to have a HACCP Plan, Letter of Guarantee and results of third party audits prior to doing business with them. We also continually check their performance for food safety and compliance with our incoming quality requirements.



A to Z is an innovative food safety leader, committed to producing the highest quality beef, pork and chicken products. Providing center-of-the-plate, portion controlled, processed meat products to the foodservice market is our number one priority. We continually reinvest in the latest technology to ensure that we always bring the highest quality to your table. We are a HACCP and SQF Certified Facility. We believe in listening to what our customers desire. We believe that the customer is our partner. Our goal is to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. We believe in making a quality product with a personal touch. We believe our team members are very important to our success and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Our goal is to have not only a high-quality framework, but foster a quality culture where customers and employees enjoy working with A to Z Meats.


We believe that properly treated, trained and motivated employees are our greatest asset. With exceptional employees, we can meet our mission of creating a framework that leads to a positive, quality culture. With this culture we can supply our customers with high quality products which meet or exceed our customer's expectations as to quality and service. We seek to provide a Quality Culture where our employees:

  • Are monetarily rewarded and provided with a benefits package in consideration for their performance and contributions to our success
  • Are provided with a safe and positive environment. A to Z has an open-door policy, any employee can talk with any management personnel whenever they desire
  • Have opportunities for personal and career development through training, education and potential career path evolution.

Some of our efforts to provide a quality culture are detailed below:

  • A to Z provides a starting wage above required minimum wage with performance reviewed first-year raises, employee benefits: including a medical plan for employees, after the first year, five paid personal days, vacation time, holiday pay, bonus programs, meat purchase program, daily break program & shoe subsidy.
  • A to Z provides training for its employees in SQF, HAACP and workplace safety.
  • A to Z has a new break and facilities rooms for employees to enjoy their lunch and breaks.
  • A to Z believes in supporting the communities where its employees live and where the employees of its customers live. In this regard, we have donated products to food banks, schools, local business and municipal departments. We provided charitable contributions to organizations in our community. We enjoy using our food truck for community outreach and fundraising.