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Currently a majority of our sales come from privately labeled products.  We pride ourselves in working closely with end users to formulate and process products customized to their specifications. Our flexible manufacturing processes allow us to offer a wide variety of sizes, shapes and packaging options to meet customers’ specific requirements.

A to Z Meats consistently delivers high quality, delicious products that meet our customers’ needs and requirements. Our customer service, production flexibility and capability are unsurpassed. These attributes have made us a leader in the foodservice industry.
















      Our product should be stored at 0 degrees. We make our product to order and do recommend for optimum freshness, using it within the first 5 months, although true shelf life is 6 to 9 months. Storing your product at 0 degrees will almost stop decay, although freezer burn will happen over time. When storing in freezer, make certain product is covered with a plastic bag and that the box is sealed. This will delay the freezer burn process.

Food Safety

A to Z’s business is providing high quality, value-added, meat products to its customers and their consumers. We strive to be a leader in food safety following our SQF Program.  We are committed to providing safe food products. The following principles drive our food safety programs:

1.     Food safety requires the commitment and involvement of all our team members.

2.     We believe food safety must be pursued and practiced. From receiving our raw product, to producing high quality goods and shipping to our customer for consumption.    

3.     We follow and support all governmental food safety regulations. Each day during operation, a USDA Federal Inspector is present in production alongside our processing team.

4.     We believe by being SQF Certified we are a leader in food safety. This requires us to go beyond government mandates and to seek to understand, pursue and implement practices and procedures that will put us at the forefront of the industry standards. 




Need point of sale items to engage with customers and improve your visibility of menu items?  We have a selection of table tents and product posters to train your staff and promote items with your customers. We also have point of sales material to show the wide range of product we offer. Request our latest brochure.





     Our products are designed to be cooked from a frozen state. We believe in using the best ingredients possible to make the perfect blend.

    In our search for the perfect burger, we wanted ALL the facts behind Fresh vs. Frozen. We wanted to strip out ALL the marketing messaging and get just the facts of the debate.

    We will explain the facts, not emotions or a marketing message.

     Fact one: In any blend of hamburger, whether fresh or frozen, the quality of the burger comes from the quality of the beef that is ground. If you buy the best meat possible then add fillers to it, it will be cheap. Read the label, if it says anything besides beef, other items are added. This could be spice, water, soy or corn syrup. This is the first fact to understand.

    Fact Two: If you are paying an average price for hamburger, then it is the trim from whole beef products that is ground. This is not a bad thing. If we are trimming fillet mignon into 8oz. portions, we will have leftover trim to grind into hamburger.

   Fact Three: We grind only the freshest beef. We then press our blend into burgers and use a system to absorb the heat then freeze our hamburger. Our freezing technology prohibits the water in the protein from clustering or breaking down cells.  It is then packaged. Our freezing technology locks in freshness, by slowing down decay to almost zero, so the burger is as fresh as the day it was made (Fresh is done in the same way, then it is flushed with nitrogen and sealed).

Fact Four:  Allowing our burgers to thaw in the cooler for 24 hours, will be like having burgers that were ground two days ago. We do not hold inventory, we make product on demand.  The shelf life on our product is good for nine months. Fresh is sent out and has a shelf life of 18 days. A fresh burger will start to decay rapidly on the day it is packaged, possibly before even reaching the customer.

Fact Five: The USDA defines fresh as” product that has not been below 26 degrees”.  Some fresh product, in order to ship and distribute across the country, can be held at 26 degrees, just below freezing.  This is how certain restaurants claim fresh when they ship their product just below frozen. 32 degrees is defined as frozen. In fact, the beef trim being used to make hamburger must be put through today’s machinery at 22 to 30 degrees, to even make grinding the product possible. All ground meat is frozen before becoming a burger!

Fact Six: If you take a burger that has been frozen with fast freeze technology, let it thaw then cook it beside a burger that has not been frozen, there is no difference.

Pros of frozen vs fresh: Locked in flavor, product holds until you are ready to use it, better control of your inventory, no guess work when ordering, longer shelf life, safer handling for kitchen employees, less contamination, safer all around.



Individual Quick frozen (IQF) is a procedure where individual patties are rapidly frozen at very low temperatures ( -40 or below) to produce small ice crystals in the frozen patty. The process locks in freshness by retaining juiciness, reduces damage to the products cell structure, minimizes oxidation, and reduces the tendency for patties to stick together in the package. IQF patties are usually cooked from the frozen state.


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